Once Upon a Time

You got into a fairytale, but this fairytale is not kind at all. A villain Koschey the Immortal hit on your land, and only a steel sword can stop him in a struggle for life. It seems that you just have to let the fight begin, because you are the heroes in this tale! But this is not that easy — there is a spell on the sword, which turned it into a stone. Break the spell, get the steel sword and get over with the Koschey. Hurry up!
Minimum age: 8+ years old with parents, 14+ without them
2 - 4 players
60 minutes

Obvodnoy Kanal
Obvodnoy Kanal embankmen, 60
Creative space "Tkachi", of. 13 N

24 October — 25 October

«Были вчера на тестах "Сказки"! Ощущение, что попадаешь в мультик!)) Колобок, избушка, царь, дракон, меч-кладенец..», Анна Софрыгина

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