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Coffin with wheels

You should not turn off the green player. Right now a coffin with wheels is looking for your city! You will get into the atmosphere of horror with resurgent terrible stories of soviet pioneers. Your mission is to find the missing teammates.
Minimum age: 12 years old with parents, 16+ without them
2 - 4 players
Rating: 9.9
60 minutes

Trudovaya St. 8
enter from Bolshaya Pecherskaya St., turn right after house 47

26 July — 23 August

«У Клаустрофобии,мне кажется,лучшие квесты ) Прошли все,кроме "Культа". Понравились все,но особо хочу отметить "Гроб на колесиках";) Ждем новых и пойдем обязательно!;)», Дмитрий Камельков

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