Pirate’s Hut

You are on a tropic isle in the middle of the Caribbean. Well, you know where this is going. There is thunder in paradise. A lonesome hut on a cliff could become your death trap! Its bloodthirsty eyed-patched landlord will soon be back from hunting. Take it on faith, he will gladly turn you into one of his trophies. These dull walls are hardly the last thing you want to see before his blade finds you — run!
Minimum age: 8+ years old with parents, 14+ without them
We recommend the girls to come in comfortable shoes with low hills.
2 - 4 players
60 minutes

Goncharnaya str., 21
To access the location, please, make sure you have your passport by you.

26 October — 16 November

«Отличный квест. Заставляет обращать внимание на все детали. Кроме того, отлично созданная атмосфера локации - очень быстро погружаешься в неё. В планах посетить с детьми - им точно понравится. », Alexey O

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