Witch's House

Some people say that the witches of Salem happened to be the most powerful witches of the 17th century, others say that they were unlucky victims of the Inquisition. Anyway, it seems that old cruel lady, in whose house you are locked, really knows the secrets of the dark magic. You have an hour to find her secret room and steal the magic elixir. And get out of this horrible place before she comes.
Minimum age: 8+ years old with parents, 14+ without them
Attention! The previous name of the quest is Salem Witch. Make sure you have not visited it before.
2 - 4 players
60 minutes

Chistye Prudy
Bolshoy Kharitonievsky pereulok, 10
Entrance from the Zhukovsky street

24 October — 14 November

«Вчера ходили на "Салемскую ведьму". Очень понравилось! Здорово сделано. Придем еще. Я думаю, много раз)», Аня Буяновская

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