Space Odyssey

Spaceship crew is welcoming you onboard and wishes you to have a pleasant flight! But wait, a flawless artificial intellect manages the spaceship and you can`t find the crew anywhere onboard. However, it has appeared that even a perfect machine can crash, and it is happening right now. Self-destruction system is on launch and it is be better not to know what will happen in 60 minutes if you will not change the situation for the better. All exits are blocked and you have to do all your best to get out of here alive and safe.
Minimum age: 8+ years old with parents, 14+ without them
2 - 4 players
60 minutes

+7 917 574 52 05
Park Kultury
Frunzenskaya nab., 2/1
Entrance from the backyard

Подробнее о квесте

21 October — 11 November

«Космическая Одиссея — прекрасный атмосферный квест, сделанный с большой любовью к деталям. Особенно порадует любителей решать головоломки, хотя внимание к мелочам, смелость в предположениях и умение отсекать лишнее тоже очень понадобится. Получили большое удовольствие, спасибо организаторам и авторам!», Татьяна Веремеенко

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